Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A quick update!!!

I want to apologize for how long it has been since I have uploaded anything here. I was struck with an injury to my knee which made the gym impossibility. That had a negative effect on my mood and I did not want to make the blog a negative space.
                However, my knee is slowly feeling better (I have a few ideas why but I will get to that in a bit). So I am back here to try to discuss other things and share my journey to being a healthier person.
                I moved back home with my parents (this is a temporary situation). That necessitated a lot of cleaning out the office to make room for my stuff and going through many things.
                I also brought with me the attitude of trying to eat healthier. This includes things like more fruits, yogurt, cheeses and other yummy things! The downside is my parents love their deep fryer and some rather bad cooking methods. I have an ally in healthier eating in my little sister though! (She is an amazing success story as a recovering anorexic. Now she eats healthy foods, encourages smart decisions and even just started coaching crew! Go sis!)
                There are also other changes coming up but I cannot talk about them yet. But they are really exciting!! And scary!!
                Okay, so I promised to talk about my injury so here goes. I developed horrible pain and swelling in my knee. It hurt to move it at all. Stairs or any sort of bending type pain. It hurt to hobble to the grocery store three blocks away. I was not a happy camper. Having no insurance and a VERY good understanding on anatomy and physiology, I hit up the internet! I tried numerous things from stretching/yoga to walking to icing to foam rolling. I have to admit when I first heard about foam rolling, I laughed. A LOT! I saw a video on YouTube and thought it the most ridiculous looking thing ever invented. Well, fast forward two more weeks and my knee was not getting better despite rest/ice/Advil every four hours. I hobbled into a JackRabbits running store and bought a foam roller. And tried not to laugh at the helpful salesperson that showed me how to use it. I also bought a knee brace (specifically a brace that is a band that goes under your kneecap) at the local CVS. I went back to my apartment and tried out the foam roller. OMG! It hurt so much, yet felt so good. I started developing a routine of foam rolling and stretching every morning and every night. And my knee began to feel drastically better! I was quickly regretting my purchase of a short (12 inch long) foam roller but it was still doing the job wonderfully!
                I am also on a renewed spree of job applications! Over 30 sent in the past week! Yes,  I think that is impressive and am hoping it continues.
                What has not continued is my little exercise routine. I had a routine of waking up, foam rolling, stretching, doing crunches and very light girly free weights. That routine has hit a few speed bumps due to a variety of reasons but I will be back on the horse soon enough!